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DCS30AFB Adhesive and glue filling machine-A001

  • Main functions: ·Digital input to set weight and 10 recipes can be saved; ·With working status indicator and clock display; ·Tare inspection triggers all-position barrel putting and filling operation ·GW/NW (barrel tared automatically) two filling modes; ·Automatic zero position tracking, barrel quantity accumulation and weight accumulation; ·Automatic weight error correcting; ·Automatic clear to zero after start-up and there is power-off protection device; ·Protection device against emergency stop; ·Factory default setting can be restored in case of misoperation; ·Fault detecting function makes maintenance easier; ·Easy moving, explosion-proof configuration and simple operation.

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Guangzhou Huixin Mechanical & Electrical Equipments Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid filling packaging equipment for all kinds of Chemical Fluids, such as: Industrial coatings, paints, epoxy resin, solvent, thinner curing agent, varnish, adhesives, glue, ink, lubricants, pesticide, electroplate liquid, daily chemical, etc. We have over 300 models of filling packaging machinery, including Semi-automatic filling machine, Fully-Automatic filling line, Filter, Filter-pump cart, Bucket putting machine, Cap putting machine, Capping machine, Weight sorting machine and Palletizer/Stacker crane (Frame type & Robot arm type) for pallets.

We also provide production & packaging solutions for whole plant.

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